Programme Works

Art Challenges -from 6th August 2020 to 20th August 2020
NEW -Programme Challenges. This week ' The Beach' (as inspired by the painting by Dame Laura Knight. (see below)

The Shipley Art Gallery's Covid 19 Challenge series has now concluded. We would like to thank The Shipley for their support and for the efforts they put into producing all the inspiring challenges. These can be seen by following the link -just Click here
You can continue the 'Challenge' culture by referencing the subjects suggested in The Society's six month programme. Check out thePROGRAMME Recent works on 'Sunset/sunrise' and 'Summer Gardens' are shown below.
Over the next two weeks the subject is 'The Beach' as inspired by Dame Laura Knight's painting of the same name. (below)
the-beach-Laura Knight575

'The Beach' by Dame Laura Knight

All the Shipley Challenge art are available to view -just CLICK HERE and scroll through -the list includes 1."A Chorus of Birds", 2. "Spring/Summer", 3. "Grandfather's Tale" 4. "Kitchen Table" 5. "My Neighbour" 6, "Red Handkerchief" 7 "Pots" 8 "Dog Daisy Field" 9. "Flowers and Fruit", 10 "Blaydon Races", 11, "Newcastle Quayside" , 12 Saltwell Towers, 13 "Friday Night Out".and no 14 and the final challenge "Old Cullercoats".