Isolation Challenge

Shipley Art Challenge -Week 9 -from 29th May 2020 to 5th June

The Shipley Art Gallery has been working with Gateshead Art Society on ways to keep people busy and engaged with art. Each Friday we will post a new weekly art challenge inspired by the Shipley collection. This is the ninth in a series for Society members to create your own art responses. So draw, paint or whatever medium you want. More challenges will be added over the next few weeks. See the art responses below or view a selection with others in theShipley Facebook pages.
From the Shipley Art Gallery Painting collection
These paintings are in the current exhibition at the Shipley ‘Excess and the Everyday; Looking at Still Life from the 17th Century to the Present’. Still life has proved a popular subject in Western art since the 17th century. Historic still life paintings frequently pictured luxury items of the day in order to celebrate material pleasures such as food and wine, as well as to warn of the temporality of these pleasures and the brevity of human life. Since the late 19th century, artists and makers have generally used simpler still life arrangements as a way of demonstrating skill or for formal experimentation. Four examples of still life from the Shipley’s painting and craft collections are shown below. For this challenge create your own still life from objects, flora and food around your house.
Eva Carter, 'Yellow Margarites' oil (left), T. Voss, 'Flowers and 'Fruit Study', oil on panel, 1813, Michelangelo di Campidaglia 'Fruit Flowers and Birds' oil, and below Romek Arpad, 'Still Life', oil on canvas, early 20th century.

ShipWk9 Eva Carter, 'Yellow Marguerites' oil 20th cent575
ShipWk9 T. Voss, 'Flowers and Fruit300
Michelangelo di Campidoglio, 'Fruit, Flowers and Birds'
Romek Arpad "Still Life" early 20C

Our first artist's response to week nine's challenge, is shown below (click an image to enlarge). Further week 9 submissions will be added as they arrive. To view paintings from previous week's Challenges 1."A Chorus of Birds", 2. "Spring/Summer", 3. "Grandfather's Tale" 4. "Kitchen Table" 5. "My Neighbour" 6, "Red Handkerchief" 7 "Pots" and last week's challenge "Dog Daisy Field" CLICK HERE