Exhibition Notes

Next Up.
Our next exhibition will be at The Shipley Art Gallery from 9th November until 20th December 2019
Our exhibition at St Mary's Heritage Centre Gateshead (by The Sage) ended on 23rd August 2019 having run from 6th July 2019.
We had two exhibitions in October through to December 2018 featuring up to 140 paintings between them -all works by artists of the North-East.The Annual Exhibition at The Shipley Art Gallery ended on 22nd December 2018.
The other 2018 exhibition was our delayed Summer Exhibition which was held in October! That was at St Mary's Heritage Centre Gateshead near The Sage.

Critique of the 70th Anniversary Exhibition by Sue Deighton

2018-11-17 Shipley Exhbn group crop

Some of the exhibiting artists photographed with artist Sue Deighton (standing -red top) at The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead with a display showing aspects of both the history of The Gateshead Art Society and The Shipley Art Gallery.

2018-11-17 Shipley Exhbn SueD AllanW

Sue with Allan
photos J Fullthorpe