Members Information

Please note that the Government rules on Covid 19 have been cancelled and although there is no requirement to wear masks indoors anywhere in England many locations, including the Shipley Art Gallery, request that you voluntarily wear them when moving through the Gallery areas. There is no such request for the Workshop/studio space. This information supersedes the note of 15th Aug. 2021 below.

Chairman's Shipley update (14 Sept 2021)
There is a change of location Fridays 17th Sept and the 8th October – we will be back downstairs in the Workshop. There are events in the main gallery so the Shipley staff need to prepare for it.
The escape door from the workshop is going to be kept open while we are there, so there should be plenty of ventilation.
Programme Changes;
Necessary programme changes have come about for a few reasons including the number of members attending. Cancelation of the outing (so few able to come ), working in the main gallery, difficulty in setting up a demo and while it is not definite as yet, we should plan for an Annual Exhibition. Putting all that together, I am suggesting that the programme for the next couple of months be as follows:-

17th Sept. – Painting for the Exhibition

24th Sept. – As above

1st Oct. – As above (also see below)

8th Oct. – DVD in Workshop – Issue entry forms for the Exhibition

15th Oct. – Painting as DVD or for Exhibition

22nd Oct. – As above – Hand in entry forms for Exhibition and send in digital images.

29th Oct. – As above

5th Nov. – As above – Hand in Exhibition Works

12th Nov. – Back to the programme

13th Nov. – Preview and opening of Annual Exhibition

24th Dec. – Exhibition ends

On the 1st October – painting will be, as the new usual, from 1 to 3 in the main gallery it is, apparently the International Day of the Older Person. The Shipley is going to provide paints and materials on a couple of tables so that older visitors can try their hand at painting.

Other News
15th August 2021;
The Shipley is open -NO MASKS (when seated)
The Shipley Art Gallery reopened on the 18th May 2021, so although we are now back for our regular Friday afternoon sessions, and pleased to be, the return carries conditions related to Covid.
Sessions now run with members spaced apart on individual tables and we will all have to wear face coverings when entering the gallery spaces but not while painting etc.. The sessions are on Friday as usual, in the main gallery not the workshop and the session times are from 13:00 to 15:00.
Updates will be posted here on the web site if and when the situation changes.

17th August 2021
Note from the Chairman regarding Covid and the Annual Exhibition

There has been some relaxation of the Covid19 rules at the Shipley.
While they like you to wear a mask when walking around the gallery, they are quite happy for masks to be removed when we are working or just mingling with other members.
We are still working in the main gallery, but they are happy for us to have tea and coffee and we can use the upstairs kitchen to boil the kettle. Biscuits provided!
You may also be pleased to hear that it looks like we will be able to have our annual exhibition again this year (assuming things do not go pear shaped). There is a long way to go before all details are confirmed, but the suggested start date for the exhibition is Saturday 13th November.
All the best,

The 'Programme Works' gallery which had been set up because of the isolation regulations is still in place for members' use so you might like to continue to contribute art works completed in response to the subjects suggested in our programme for display there. Also there is a 'Latest Works' Gallery for other recent art contributions. Just send them along as usual and they will be added to the Gallery.
Keep safe, keep busy!
Portraiture demo by Ted Taylor on the 15th Feb (see Events)

Ted Taylor Demo -intro

Artist Ted Taylor being introduced to the members by John Fulthorpe prior to his portraiture demonstration at the Shipley Workshop .
photo A White

The "Alla Prima" afternoon of a couple of weeks ago produced 9 entries. The vote was close with Margaret's seascape being chosen by the members as the winner.

Mapping Contemporary Art in Heritage Environment: Creation, Consumption and Exchange.
GAS members have asked to form a Focus Group that will feed into the above Heritage Sites project in assisting with its aims;

-To map the trajectory of contemporary visual art in heritage sites in the UK,
-To understand how artists engage with the heritage context in the creation of contemporary art for heritage properties,
-To analyse how contemporary artworks commissioned for these contexts are received and consumed by heritage property visitors.

The first meeting took place at the Shipley Gallery on 27th April 2018. The Society's involvement will continue with visits to Gibside, Cherryburn and Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland as part of the study.
The study is organised by the University of Newcastle, with the University of Leeds and national and regional partners from the arts and heritage sectors. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It runs from Jan 2017 to Dec 2019 but GAS’s involvement has now ended although we have been invited to attend a conference on the subject sometime next year when the findings will be reported.