Members Information

21st May 2021;
The Shipley Reopens.
The Shipley Art Gallery reopened on the 18th May 2021, so although we are now back for our regular Friday afternoon sessions, and pleased to be, the return carries conditions related to Covid.
Sessions will be run in the same way as previously with members spaced out on individual tables with a one way system, and we will all have to wear face coverings etc etc. The sessions will be on Friday as usual, be in the main gallery not the workshop and the session time will be from 13:00 to 15:00 (starting on Friday 21st May 2021).

The 'Programme Works' gallery which had been set up because of the isolation regulations is still in place for members' use so you might like to continue to contribute art works completed in response to the subjects suggested in our programme for display there. Also there is a 'Latest Works' Gallery for other recent art contributions. Just send them along as usual and they will be added to the Gallery.
Keep safe, keep busy!