The Shipley Art Gallery reopened on 18th May 2021 in compliance with the lockdown easing rules and we are allowed to return to paint again.
Gateshead Art Society Programme
The Gallery is open at the moment and our time slot continues at the earlier start of 1 o'clock. ie 13.00 to 15.00 in order to help the Gallery manage their spaces safely and efficiently. We still paint in the main Gallery space or as directed by The Shipley management until it is felt safe to use the Workshop area. The six month programme of subjects is given below.

June 2021 to December 2021


18th June -Things with Wings
25th June. -As previous week

2nd July -Painting Without Brushes or Knives
9th July. --as previous week
16th July. -Paintings Based on Music
23rd July. -as previous week
30th July - Maritime Structures

6th Aug -as previous week
13th Aug -Contre Jour (against the light)
20th Aug -As previous week
27th Aug -Kitchen Ware

3rd Sept -as previous week
10th Sept -Alla Prima (from John's photo).
17th Sept -Painting for the Annual Exhibition (NB Bowes Museum visit is cancelled)
24th Sept -Painting for the Annual Exhibition

1st Oct -as previous week but we will be painting in the Main Gallery
8th Oct -DVD in the workshop
15th Oct -Paintings based on DVD or painting for the Exhibition.
22nd Oct -Hand in Exhibition entry forms send in images of Exhibition paintings
29th Oct -as above

5th Nov -Hand in Paintings for Annual Exhibition for shortlisting
12th Nov -A Rainy Day
19th Nov -as previous week
26th Nov -Historical North (Exhibition critique -to be confirmed)

3rd Dec -as previous week (Committee meeting -programme)
10th Dec -as previous week

17th Dec -Christmas Party
18th Dec -End of Exhibition