Gateshead Art Society Programme
May 2019 – November 2019

24th May. AGM.
31st May Painting -"A Market Scene"
End of Low Fell Library Exhibition
7th June. Market Scene continued.
14th Jun. DVD; Heidi-Jo Summers -oils. (postponed)
21st Jun. DVD; Heidi-Jo Summers -oils.
Entry list for St. Mary's Exhibition
28th Jun Painting in the style of DVD as above.

5th Jly. Painting -"Summer Heat"
St Mary's Exhibition paintings hand in day. Hanging on 6th.
12th Jly. Painting - "Summer Heat" cont'd
19th Jly. Demo; -collage.
26th Jly. Painting -"Surface Texture"

2nd. Aug. Painting "Surface Textures" cont'd
9th Aug. Life model
16th Aug. Life model
23rd Aug Society outing -venue & transport to be announced.
30th Aug Painting -"Late Summer"
St Mary's Exhibition ends.

6th Sep Painting "Late Summer" cont'd
13th Sep Painting a set still life.
20th Sep Still Life cont'd.
27th Sep Demo -Pastels.

4th Oct. Painting in the style of the pastel demo
11th Oct Painting contd.
Hand in exhibition poster design entry
18th Oct. Painting within the influence of Atkinson Grimshaw
25th Oct. As previous week-

1st Nov Alla Prima painting to a set photograph (John Fulthorpe)
Entry List for Annual Exhibition (provisional date)
8th Nov Fantasy painting -committee meeting/ new programme
15th Nov "Fantasy" cont'dAs previous week
22nd Nov Critique of the 2019 Annual Exhibition at The Shipley Gallery By Sue Deighton