Gateshead Art Society Programme
May 2019 – November 2019

24th May. AGM.
31st May Painting -"A Market Scene"
End of Low Fell Library Exhibition
7th June. Market Scene continued.
14th Jun. DVD; Heidi-Jo Summers -oils. (postponed)
21st Jun. DVD; Heidi-Jo Summers -oils.
Entry list for St. Mary's Exhibition
28th Jun Painting in the style of DVD as above.

5th Jly. Painting -"Summer Heat"
St Mary's Exhibition paintings hand in day. Hanging on 6th.
12th Jly. Painting - "Summer Heat" cont'd
19th Jly. Demo; -collage.
26th Jly. Painting -"Surface Texture"

2nd. Aug. Painting "Surface Textures" cont'd
9th Aug. Life model
16th Aug. Life model
23rd Aug Society outing -venue; Hexham meet by the Abbey
30th Aug Painting -"Late Summer"
St Mary's Exhibition ends.

6th Sep Painting "Late Summer" cont'd
13th Sep Painting a set still life.
20th Sep Still Life cont'd.
27th Sep Demo Clare Money -Pastels.

4th Oct. Painting in the style of the pastel demo
11th Oct Painting contd.
Hand in exhibition poster design entry
18th Oct. Painting within the influence of Atkinson Grimshaw
*Hand in entry forms for Annual Exhibition
25th Oct. As previous week-

1st Nov Alla Prima -painting to a set photograph (John Fulthorpe)
Hand in paintings for the Annual Exhibition.
8th Nov Fantasy painting -committee meeting/ new programme
9th Nov Opening of Annual Exhibition
15th Nov "Fantasy" cont'd as previous week
22nd Nov Critique of the 2019 Annual Exhibition at The Shipley Gallery By Sue Deighton