DVDs & Magazines

Items Held by The Society and Available to Members
Gateshead Art Society - Painting DVD’s

These may be hired by members at a charge of £1.00 per week for a maximum of two weeks.
Request in advance from Audrey.

Artist/Tutor -DVD title

RAY BALKWILL “Capturing Estuary Moods” w/c & pastel”
GWENNETH BARTH “Creating a Portrait in Pastel”
DAVID BELLAMY “Mountain Adventures in Watercolour”

TIM BENSON “Dynamic Oil Portraits”
COLIN BRADLEY “Draw & Paint Wildlife with Pastel pencils”
PETER BROWN "Oil Sketches"

CHUCK CLOSE “American Portrait Artist (small squares)”
DEREK DANIELS “Townscape Impressions in Oil”
MARGARET EVANS “The Pastel Landscape Course”

MARGARET EVANS “The Pastel Landscape Course”
CHARLES EVANS “The Challenge of Watercolour”
SORAYA FRENCH “Dynamic Acrylics”

JOHN HAMMOND “Capturing Light in Acrylics”
DON HARRISON “Boats, Harbours and River Scenes from Photos”
KEN HOWARD “Inspired by Light”

KEN HOWARD “A Vision of Venice in Oils”
ANNETTE KANE “Being Bold with Watercolour”
HERMAN PEKAL “My Vision in Watercolour”

CHARLES REID “Flowers in Watercolour”
CHARLES REID “Watercolour Secrets”
E JOHN ROBINSON “Seascapes in Watercolour”

JACKIE SIMMONS “Learn to Paint Flowers in Pastel”
KAREN SIMMONS “The One Two Three of Portraits”
KAREN SIMMONS “Flower painting – Watercolour

RAY CAMPBELL SMITH "Way with Watercolour”
HAZEL SOAN “African Watercolours”
HAZEL SOAN “Vibrant Watercolours”

HAZEL SOAN “On the Rocks” (watercolour)
RICHARD TAYLOR “The Watercolour Guide -Painting Buildings” -part 2
SHIRLEY TREVENA “Taking Risks with Watercolour” (Flowers)

JOHN YARDLEY “Sunlight in Watercolour”
TREVOR WAUGH “Winning with Watercolour – Part 1”
TREVOR WAUGH “Winning with Watercolour -Part 2”

PETER WILEMAN “Inspirational Oil Landscapes”
JAKE WINKLE “Watercolour from Dark to Light”